Colour: Golden | State: Powder

  • Fulvic Acid
  • Humic Acid
  • Amino Acid
  • Bio Minerals

Easily soluble in water

  • Pure Organic and Natural.
  • Important for plants to obtain their nutrition from soil
  • Most effective carbon containing chelating compounds
  • Immediate usage on all crops, fruits, vegetables.
  • Generates High yield.
  • No synthetic, hazardous/poisonous chemicals
  • Improving the uptake of nutrients by plants in foliar and soil applications.
  • Easy to use effective chelating agent
  • Offers drought protection due to improved water storage
  • Bonds with plant nutrients to reduce their immobilization in the soil.
  • Promote quicker seed germination and faster root and shoot growth.
  • Provide a valuable source of active carbon for soil micro organisms
  • Improve the efficacy of many non selective herbicides
  • Significantly increased growth parameters including plant height, leaf number, yield.
  • It increased activity of soil microorganisms, the enzymes dehydrogenase and nitrogenase and chlorophyll content in fresh plants
  • It also reduced downy mildew and powdery mildew disease.
  • Fulvic acids can be a more convenient way to promote growth when plants develop a full canopy.
  • Following early bloom when fruit begins to size, crops daily nutrient demand can outstrip the ability of the soil to supply nutrients.
  • Fulvic acid can provide extra help to the plants by improving nutrient availability and uptake during such critical growth stages.
  • Highly Hygroscopic powder in nature.
  • When exposed in sunlight/atmospheric moisture it absorbs water particles and become solid/semi solid.
  • Ensure all product is dissolved prior to application
  • To produce a dissolved concentrate, mix at 1:10 with water
  • Always mix under vigorous agitation.

Care must be taken when mixing. Wear protective clothing, face mask. Avoid inhalation

  • 0.50 – 1.00gram per litre water
  • 100grams per acre

2-3 times during seedling stage and growth stage.

50g/ 100g / 250g / 500g / 1kg