About Agri Tech

Annai Group of Companies was started in 2004 with an objective to serve farmers with latest inventions and technologies in agriculture.

We Manufacture and Market various growth promotors, flower boosters,bio-stimulants, yield enhancers from vermin Soya De-Oiled Cake, Neem, other vegetable waste and flower waste.

Our speciality products are Viagro, ,xyagro, Maagro liquid & Granule.Bioguru,Bioraj,Bio Mas, Bioful,,Bio mol, Fulgro,Gemmik,, Cozmik, Tomik, Karupz.

All these products are manufactured by meenaxy agro service, arun agri tech, sun crop science, roopa phyto tech, annai agri tech with our strict quality control.

We have marketing professionals in the state gujarat,Madya Pradesh,Uttar Pradesh, Maharastra, Rajasthan. karnataka.

More than one hundred Agri experts are promoting our product through various marketing tools.

Since our end customers are farmers who gets credit from our dealers we are forced to give three to four months secured credit to our dealers. We also avail similar credit from our suppliers.

Annai Agri Tech Products For Customer Satisfaction.

Our Vision

  • To bring back Steriled Earth to Fertile Farms with latest technologies based on ancient concepts and practices.
  • To make Organic Farming more viable, more sustainable, more profitable to farmers.
  • To make fresh, green, clean, organic produces more affordable to healthy customers without toxicity.


Natural Bio-technology and Microbiology

With very little nutritional value, a sugarcane leaf can be converted into most enriched humic fertilizer in two days by Cow and Earth worm.

How it happens?

"Sugarcane leaf will take one year to decompose to manure under natural moisture. But when it is fed to cow, it takes only six hours to become Cow Dung. Cow dung will take six months to decompose as direct nutrients in soil. But Earthworm converts it as most enriched "Humic Vermi composte" in a single day".

These miraculous, excellent, natural, biological, microbial phenomena are very well conceived in synthesis of our bio fertilizers.

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