Annai Agri Farm

We Strive very hard to Blend Natural & Biochemical

Sciences to Bring our Earth as a total farm.

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Our Manufacturing Unit

They are most economical with 1:40 C:B ratio

They triple the flowering and double the yield.

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Annai Organic Farm

Our biomolecules are most advanced, eco friendly

They improve crop vigour, physiology, yield & quantity.

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Our Field Work

We market various growth promotors, flower boosters,

yield increasing substances like Viagro.

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Fresh Agri Farming

Annai Bio Chem Pvt Ltd was started in 2005 with an objective to

Serve farmers with latest inventions & technologies in agriculture.

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About Annai Agri Tech

Annai Group of Companies was started in 2004 with an objective to serve farmers with latest inventions and technologies in agriculture.

We Manufacture and Market various growth promotors, flower boosters,bio-stimulants, yield enhancers from vermin Soya De-Oiled Cake, Neem, other vegetable waste and flower waste.

Our speciality products are Viagro, ,xyagro, Maagro liquid & Granule.Bioguru,Bioraj,Bio Mas, Bioful,,Bio mol, Fulgro,Gemmik,, Cozmik, Tomik, Karupz.

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Agri Benefits

  • Let us protect the environment
  • Preserve it the way it was
  • We owe it to the world
  • Go green, use biodegradable
  • No chemicals, No fumes!
  • Fresh air, fresh water, fresh soil!
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